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The Adirondack Playboys Band has been a performing dance band for over sixty years. The band name was taken from the title of Bob Wills and his “Texas Playboys” band in the 1940s, but the group’s real inspiration and musical style comes from the rich musical heritage of Northern New York and the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. They perform a variety of “country” music but specialize in old time roots country (“vintage” country music) that was especially popular from the 1940s through the 1980s. They also mix in newer country and original compositions to add variety to their performances. The band is probably best known for it’s old time “square dance” music and is one of the few remaining square dance bands in the North Country. The band’s home base is Lewis County, NY, in the Beaver Falls and Croghan area. The group has played for private parties, public concerts, local barn dances, VFW and American Legions, and a variety of other venues throughout Oneida, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties.

One unique aspect of this band’s “composite” is that all but one of its members are from the “Streeter” family. In fact, local followers of the band simply refer to them as “The Streeter Boys” or the “Streeters”.

The Adirondack Playboys today ...

Duane, Ralph and Cliff Streeter, the founding members of the band, learned their craft from relatives, friends, and neighbors. Living in a rural area in the early 1940s, many families would host house parties for entertainment on Saturday nights. The young Streeters would listen to the music entertainment. In fact, their mother would occasionally play the fiddle for these events. With a good “ear” for music they memorized the songs and the old time square dance calls. Before long they obtained musical instruments and began to play. The first instrument learned was a Carson Robison signature ukulele that everyone shared. Duane soon selected the guitar as his instrument, Ralph began with the mandolin and then the fiddle. Cliff began with the Dobro, then the lap steel, and currently plays the pedal steel guitar.

The band formed in the mid 1940s and has continued to provide the north country with musical entertainment since that time. The only exception was when the band took a break in the mid to late 1960s after the passing of their father. Duane, the founder and band organizer, passed away in October of 2008. His repertoire of country songs and square dance calling was a major factor in the band’s success. He was well respected for his vocal ability and solid rhythm guitar playing. Ralph, also an excellent vocalist and square dance caller, passed away in September of 1991. He will be remembered best, however, for his skillful fiddling and intense playing style.

The current Adirondack Playboys Band continues to share their gift of music. Cliff Streeter still plays his pedal steel guitar with the next generation of musicians in the Streeter family. Dale Streeter (Duane’s son) joined the band in the late 1960’s. He serves as the primary vocalist and square dance caller and plays rhythm guitar. He has also written songs that the band performs regularly. Rick Streeter (Ralph’s son) also joined the band in the late 1960s. He learned to play the mandolin and fiddle with his father’s guidance and has become one of the most respected fiddlers in the area. He also sings and will occasionally call a square dance. Shelly Anderson (Duane’s daughter) worked with the band for a while in the late 1990s and joined the band full-time in 2008, after Duane’s passing. With her natural affinity for music she has quickly developed into an accomplished bass player. She is a great asset to the band. The only non-family member of the band is drummer Rick Petrie. He also joined the group in the late 1990s and always does an excellent job. Note: Laurel Streeter (Dale’s daughter and Duane’s granddaughter) joined the band in 1995 at the age of 14 and played drums until she left for college. During this time The Adirondack Playboys was again a true family band with three generations of musicians performing together.

The Adirondack Playboys over the years ...

Currently the band is very busy with numerous bookings. We continue to add songs to our set lists and have a great following. And as this variation of an old country song goes ... ”Yea, they call us the Playboys and we’ll play one for you”.

Dale and Mike White

For a number of years, Dale has partnered with country balladeer Mike White of Watertown to do special concerts throughout the north country.  Their performances combine old country standards, ballads and gospel with lots of humor thrown in.  Dale and Mike's concerts are also listed on our calendar


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